Kemp Klein attorneys have substantial experience and expertise in finding effective, pro-active approaches to all types of environmental matters. Whether the issue is the purchase or sale of contaminated property, underground storage tank regulation, clean-up liability, regulatory compliance, brownfield redevelopment, handling and disposal of hazardous substances, wetlands, or natural resource protection, our attorneys advise our clients on the latest developments in these areas.

Since the inception of the first environmental statute in 1976, Kemp Klein has handled various environmental issues with local, state and federal regulatory agencies and has successfully handled environmental lawsuits including local Superfund sites in state and federal courts.

Kemp Klein attorneys encourage clients to take a pro-active approach to prevent environmental problems and assist clients to implement sound risk management policies.

We can help prevent such potential problems by advising you about:

  • baseline environmental assessments
  • solid and hazardous waste disposal
  • registration of underground storage tanks act
  • water and air pollution
  • environmental audits
  • accidental discharge of hazardous waste
  • occupational safety and health.

A smart businessperson must operate in an environmentally sound fashion. Noncompliance can result in extremely expensive fines and penalties, and require even more time and money to get back into compliance. We will work closely with you to develop sound risk management policies under local and federal environmental laws.

The Kemp Klein attorneys in this practice area include:

James P. Davey