Kemp Klein serves as federal relations counsel, labor relations counsel and/or special counsel for various municipalities and governmental associations in Michigan, providing representation regarding grant negotiations, public and private financing, legislation, labor relations matters, and land and economic development issues.

We have served as general counsel for economic development corporations.

Kemp Klein’s governmental activities include:

  • drafting and litigating municipal ordinances
  • litigating administrative code violations
  • advising city councils, planning commissions and zoning boards of appeal
  • advising economic development corporations and tax increment finance authorities
  • drafting opinions; obtaining federal financing for real estate and other developments
  • telecommunications law and cable franchising
  • designing and advising intergovernmental authorities

Kemp Klein has assisted local municipalities in obtaining millions of dollars in federal grants for construction of numerous development projects, which we then helped to negotiate, contract and implement. We continue to serve as legal counsel for development entities in various communities, assisting our municipal clients in dealing with private developers and development.

We represent municipal clients in federal and state government administrative appeals, including before the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Kemp Klein attorneys in this practice area include:

C. Leslie Banas
Thomas C. Rauch