Ralph Castelli

It’s time to celebrate. The end of tax season! While we enjoy this moment of freedom from all sorts of tax materials, we also know that the moment is fleeting. Especially in recent years, taxes continue to command our attention with constant changes to the rules.

Brian Jenney jumps right into the newest round of proposals and highlights some of the provisions that may impact you or your business in coming years. Take a moment now to think ahead; a future tax season may seem sweeter (or maybe more sour) yet.

In the meantime, if you are involved in an entity with an employer identification number, please read Gloria Chon’s article regarding yet another recent tax change that you should know about. You may need to submit another report to the IRS yet this year.

Finally, since we really do like to celebrate, we wanted to share a recent client victory with you. The expertise and diligence of Alan May and Robert Zawideh successfully allowed our clients to recover what was rightfully theirs and experience the closure they deserved.

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