Ralph CastelliAs we head into Spring, it’s natural to direct our thinking towards warmer weather and better times. That’s the focus of this edition of the Commentator: thinking ahead and creating a better future.

Whether you run a large company or a busy family, you have to put out many “fires” every day. So, it’s probably difficult to carve out time to think about the future. This issue discusses strategic things you could be doing today that could help you be more productive. Here are a few ideas:

Possibly you have a family member, friend or a friend’s child who has an impairment. If so, check out Brian Jenney’s article about creating a tax-free savings account for such individuals.

Are you the owner or key leader of a business? Rich Bruder presents some compelling reasons to build an advisory board that will help you achieve more in 2015.

As always, we are proud of the strategic viewpoint we offer to our clients. Robert Zawideh and Richard Bisio used that strategic mindset to achieve significant wins for a real estate client and a family, respectively. See what they might do for you.

As for the future of our law firm…we have added three new attorneys that will help us continue to offer the level of service and knowledge we strive to maintain for our clients. Please help us welcome Tracy Feliksa, Natasha Lockhart and Elisabeth Brin.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Best Wishes,

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