Ralph CastelliThe Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) was born in response to an upbeat economy gone bad. During the “roaring twenties,” millions of people invested in stocks as part of the post-war economic growth. Unfortunately, about half of the billions in new securities offered during this period became worthless. The government set up the SEC as a way to win back confidence in the stock market and protect investors going forward.

Fast forward to today and the SEC is still regulating the stock market and trying to protect investors. Whether you are looking to obtain investment for your business or make an investment for a new venture, our expert attorneys in securities laws, Richard Bruder and Stuart Sinai, provide valuable and practical insight on this issue. Please read Stuart’s article as he breaks down new SEC rules that are intended to make it easier for businesses to attract new investors. Equally important, please read Richard’s article as he compares the new SEC rules with other potential options under existing SEC rules.

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