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Every year on July 4th, we take time to celebrate and appreciate the birth of our country. Such an exciting and great beginning is worth all the fireworks, for sure. The U.S.A. did not just come into being from a vacuum, though. As we know, many people put in a lot of effort, sometimes even their lives, and many other factors had to come together just so.

Even now, to start something great, it takes more than just energy and excitement. If you are thinking of embarking on a new project, big or small, please read the article by Richard Bruder. He will help you bring together the right elements for your new endeavor and explain how they should be distilled into all the right documents.

Along with the thrill of experiencing something coming out of nothing, life also gives us of the void that is left when something, or more importantly, someone, is no longer with us. Please read the article by Joseph Buttiglieri regarding a new Michigan statute that allows you to appoint a Funeral Representative as part of your estate plan. A Funeral Representative can help your loved ones celebrate your life the way you would have hoped.

Finally, I also invite you to read about a few of our recent client success stories. There may not be fireworks every time, but we believe every new beginning, success, and life is worth an awesome celebration.

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