Ralph Castelli

It never gets old – spending time with the grandchildren.  I want to stop the clock to keep them just as they are now and, at the same time, fast forward to see what lies ahead for them.  Their world will be different.  First, there is the internet.  (That’s right, we don’t even capitalize the “i” anymore because that would be old school.)  It is hard to even imagine how the internet will evolve for future generations and change the way of life as we know it.  Please read the article by Gloria Chon and Christopher Martella about one area that will continue to change right alongside increasing use of the internet:  internet taxes.

The Social Security system is another area that will not be the same in the future.  If you are interested in knowing how to plan for this changing system, I encourage you to read the article by Brian Jenney and reach out to him for counsel.

Around here, we are not afraid of change, but we are also glad for certain things that never change or get old.  Spending time with family tops the list, but there are others.  Like helping our clients succeed in their endeavors.  Please read ahead for a spotlight on just 2 of many recent client success stories.  Another thing that doesn’t get old for us:  giving back.  The Kemp Klein Foundation continues to remain active.  I also invite you to read about Alan and Elizabeth May’s recent donation of legal treatises to Pembroke College in Oxford, England.  This collection includes some first edition commentaries by Sir William Blackstone, one of the most well-known legal scholars of all time.  The historical value of these books are immeasurable and the library is invaluable.  Yes, quite often, older is better.

Best Wishes,