Ralph Castelli

I am excited to share that we are coming up on the 50th anniversary of our firm. We have spent the last five decades helping clients take preventative measures to protect themselves personally and professionally. In the same tradition, we try to provide you with the most relevant legal news and information. In this issue, we address liability concerns that face landowners and employers. Property owners may be surprised to learn that their second homes and rentals may not be properly insured when Jason Seaver and Kate Ringler discuss the pitfalls in homeowner insurance coverage. An Employment Law Q & A by Mark Filipp helps employers protect themselves from discrimination claims. Cynthia Umphrey directs landlords’ attention to a new tax benefit.

Looking back, my colleagues and I take pride in the businesses we have guided and the people we have helped. Looking forward, we intend to perpetuate our commitment to excellence. We will continue sharing updates from the legal world and making sure you have the best information when planning and protecting your own future and family.

Best Wishes,