Ralph Castelli

With less than a month left in the year, there is no better time to celebrate the successes of 2014 and plan ahead for 2015.

First, looking forward to 2015, we would like to help you plan ahead on a few matters. Early in the year, you will receive your real property tax Notice of Assessment. If you disagree with the amount of taxes assessed, please read Jeremy Cnudde’s article and contact him regarding your options on this time-sensitive matter.

If you are an employer, we know that you are always planning ahead and looking for ways to improve your business. One way to stay ahead is by keeping your employees happy and well-trained. Before you begin training, though, please take a look at the article by Thomas Boyer to determine whether you need to pay your employees for those sessions.

Now to the fun part: celebrating 2014. We at Kemp Klein had many occasions worth celebrating this past year. In this newsletter, we highlight some of those occasions and include, in particular, one of our many client success stories. This one was made possible by Joseph Buttiglieri and Robert Zawideh and serves as a reminder of the importance of good estate planning – yet another tool for planning ahead.

As we toast the year past and the year ahead, I hope, as they say, that the best of your 2014 will be the worst of your 2015. Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,
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