Tow-Truck Driver or Wingman? How to Get the Most Value From Your Lawyer
By Richard C. Bruder {Summer 2020]
Too many lawyers are tow-truck drivers. Or, do our clients just think of us that way? I’ve driven my share of tow-trucks in 35+ years of practice. But my greatest value to my clients comes when I am their wingman…
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Management and Operation of Closely Held Businesses Implicate a Number of Fiduciary Duties; So What?
By Brian H. Rolfe [Fall 2018]
Fiduciary duties in Michigan apply to directors, officers, managers or “those in control” of closely held businesses and include duties of: 1. Care, 2. Loyalty, 3. Good faith and 4. Disclosure…
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Managing the Management Buyout
By Jeremy R. Cnudde & Toby Dahm [Summer 2017]
Many entrepreneurial and family business owners struggle to determine their eventual exit strategy. Perhaps they envision the eventual transition of their business to the next generation but discover that their children are either uninterested or unable to take over. The owners are nervous about reaching out to competitors and/or customers and disclosing proprietary information. What then are the options for a successful exit strategy? Some need to look no further than the management teams that run the day-to-day operations…
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Six Legal Issues that Founders Must Get Right
By Richard C. Bruder [Summer 2016]
Founders must get these legal issues right, in order for their Company to have the best chance of success…
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