By Jeremy R. Cnudde

An elite business referral group based at the Kemp Klein Law Firm in Troy, has targeted $30 to $50 million in referrals their first year. The Southeastern Michigan Blue Marlins Chapter of Local Business Network was developed by Kemp Klein Attorney and Shareholder, Jeremy Cnudde, and his two longtime friends Adam Fovenesi of Arbor Capital Markets and Jason Vertrees of Applied Environmental. It is one of three Blue Marlins Chapters that are a part of Local Business Network, a Clarkston based business referral group.

“The SEM Blue Marlins are without a doubt our most powerful chapter,” says Chuck Gifford, President of LBN. “Like our other Blue Marlin’s chapters, the SEM Blue Marlins Chapter is composed entirely of B2B professionals that target middle market entrepreneurial based clients ($5 million to $250 million in sales). But Jeremy, Jason and Adam refined their criteria even further, seeking only people they or another member had already built relationships with, done business with and had faith in. They sought only companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, equity or debt financing and structuring of businesses or other services these businesses might need. As a result, the team is very synergistic and members had immediate faith and trust in each other. “At only about half our eventual size and working together for only about six months, we already have deals in the works totaling tens of millions,” says Cnudde. “At the heart of our success are the relationships we have and continue to build, including the many “off-week” social gatherings of group members.”

The total SEM Blue Marlins team is very impressive, containing some very highly respected businesses in the Detroit business community.

  • Applied Environmental – environmental impact studies and remediation – Jason Vertrees
  • Arbor Capital Markets – financing & security brokerage for mergers & acquisitions – Adam Fovenesi
  • B2B CFO – financial consultants – Jerome Bammel
  • L. Mason Capitani – commercial real estate brokerage – Jason Capitani
  • JP Morgan Chase – corporate lending and business banking – Jeffrey Angell
  • Kemp Klein Law Firm – corporate, tax and real estate law, mergers and acquisitions – Jeremy Cnudde
  • O’Connor Financial Group – financial planning and investments – Charles O’Connor
  • Ralph C. Wilson Insurance – property and casualty insurance – Todd McKenna
  • Ralph C. Wilson Insurance – employee benefits – Bill Percha
  • Riveron Consulting – merger and acquisition advisory – Dan Shockley
  • UHY – business valuations – Nick Junttila

There are additional categories they would like to add to the chapter – CPA, advertising/public relations, architecture, real estate developer/contractor, management consultant, IT/telecommunications, manufacturing processes/systems consultant, sales training, and industry consultants for automotive/defense/aerospace.

For more information about the SEM Blue Marlins contact Jeremy Cnudde at 248.740.5678 or click here to send an email. For more information about LBN, contact Chuck Gifford at 248.620.6320 or click here to send an email (Arbor Capital Market’s securities transactions are conducted through StillPoint Capital Member FINRA/SiPC).

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