12th Aug 2021

Mark R. Filipp and James O. Castagnera are co-authors of the 9th Edition of the Employment Law Answer Book. This year’s supplements include the latest employment developments shaped by COVID-19, recent cases under the Equal Pay Act and Fair Labor … more

10th Feb 2021

Robert S. Zawideh authored an article, “Undue Influence: What Rules Apply to This Species of Fraud?” for the Winter 2021 edition of the Michigan Probate & Estate Planning Journal, Volume 40, No. 1. The article articulates a call to action, … more

2nd Dec 2020

Stuart Sinai authored an article, “Insider Trading – Fed’s Employ More Effective Weapon” for the Fall 2020 edition of the Michigan Business Law Journal, Volume 40, Issue 3. The article examines the December 2019 United States v Blaszczak decision and … more

27th Feb 2020

Jason P. Seaver and Christopher R. Martella co-authored an article, “Potential Legislative Solutions to Issues with the Marketable Record Title Act After Public Act 572 of 2018,” for the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of the Michigan Real Property Law Review. The … more

15th Mar 2018

Robert Zawideh’s article, Drafting and Litigating In Terrorem Clauses: A Map Through the Minefield, was featured in the February 2018 volume of Laches, the official publication of the Oakland County Bar Association. The article guides estate planners and litigators through … more

Stuart Sinai’s 2002 Securities Law Journal article, “Challenge to the Validity of Rule 10b5-1,” was recently cited as an authority in the latest 2018 Northwestern University Law Review by a University of Chicago professor concerning aspects of Insider Trading.

2nd Feb 2017

Alan A. May’s article, Two Matters Improperly Decided By the Michigan Court of Appeals: In Re Estate of Sabry Mohammad Attia and In Re Estate of James V Ward, critiques two recent opinions of the Michigan Court of Appeals. Robert S. Zawideh’s article, Conflicts … more

1st Sep 2016

Mark R. Filipp and James O. Castagnera are co-authors of the 9th Edition of the Employment Law Answer Book. This publication is essential for employers, HR managers, attorneys and business owners establishing personnel policies and procedures in todays’ litigious environment. … more

24th Aug 2015

Alan A. May and Tracy L. Feliksa recently co-authored an article, Binding Third Parties in Probate Court: “Proceedings” Verses “Civil Action,” for the State Bar of Michigan’s Probate and Estate Planning Section. The article was published in the Michigan Probate … more

30th Jun 2015

Patricia Paruch recently authored the Government Law chapter of the Spring 2015 Survey Edition of the Wayne Law Review (Vol. 60, No. 3) which has just been printed.