Ralph Castelli

Most business relationships begin well, amidst camaraderie and hopes of success. However, as we all know, not all relationships end well.

For some, the road leads to a courtroom, and a judge will decide the fate of the relationship. Other times, the parties just need to come to the table with a neutral mediator to help them resolve their issues. Please read the article by Cynthia Brazzil and Joseph Buttiglieri to learn more about this method of dispute resolution.

Some relationships truly have unfortunate endings. Like those who put their trust in the likes of Charles Ponzi. Although Charles is long gone, his antics are unfortunately still around. Please read Brian Jenney’s article regarding tax deductions which may help alleviate the sting of losses from a Ponzi scheme.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to new attorneys who have recently joined our firm with whom we are proud to share a good relationship. Please read about Richard Bruder and Christopher Martella. Both are highly competent, dynamic and client-focused attorneys and we are excited that they are here to further serve our clients.

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