It is estimated that 80 percent to 90 percent of business enterprises in North America are family-owned. Of these, only 30 percent make a successful transition from one generation to the next. This speaks volumes about the challenges that family-owned businesses face.

Kemp Klein attorneys listen to families and help resolve problems that arise when combining family and business. They recognize that family issues can sometimes interfere with business strategy. They understand when the dream of the owner conflicts with the dreams of the next generation. They also grasp the subtle, but powerful, influence of family values, history and tradition.

Family-owned businesses are an integral part of American culture that deserve study and nurturing. Kemp Klein encourages this through educational seminars and by providing forums where principals in family businesses and the professionals serving them can discuss ideas and experiences.

To this unique understanding of family business, Kemp Klein also brings a full range of business planning services. See that practice area for a full explanation.

The Kemp Klein attorneys with experience in family business matters include:

William B. Acker
C. Leslie Banas
Cynthia E. Brazzil
Richard C. Bruder
Ralph A. Castelli, Jr. 
Earle E. Endelman
David D. Marsh
Norman D. Orr
Brian H. Rolfe
Stuart Sinai
Cynthia L. Umphrey
Michael D. Umphrey