Zawideh and Bisio defeat efforts to sanction their clients.
Robert S. Zawideh and Richard D. Bisio took over representation of two clients who were abandoned by their prior counsel literally the day before trial on petitions for guardianship and conservatorship of their elderly mother. The two clients had eight siblings and the matter was hotly contested. Without counsel to represent them, they were unable to present sufficient proofs to prove their case. After the Court ruled against them, the mother (whom the clients believe is under the control of two of her other children) represented by extremely experienced counsel well-regarded by the court, sought sanctions in excess of $70,000 against Bisio and Zawideh’s clients for their unsuccessful petitions, claiming that they were frivolous and brought in bad faith. After presenting their proofs over two days, the Court granted Mr. Zawideh’s motion for directed verdict, thereby dismissing the claim for sanctions on the merits.

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