Kemp Klein


Firm CEOs
Kemp Klein Law Firm CEOs, John Kemp, Brian Rolfe and Ralph Castelli.

Kemp Klein Law Firm was originally formed by founders, Sanford (Sandy) Klein and Earle Endelman. The firm was incorporated on May 17, 1971 under the name Klein and Endelman, P.C. In 1987, the firm merged with the law firm Umphrey and Castelli P.C., founded by Michael Umphrey and Ralph Castelli. In 2001, Alan May brought May and May PC to the practice by merger. Today, the firm is generally known as Kemp Klein Law Firm and is located in the Columbia Center in Troy, MI. 

John Kemp was the firm’s CEO from 1985 – 1996. In 1996, John retired as CEO and Ralph Castelli was elected as the firm’s new CEO. Ralph was the CEO for 26 years, until he retired from that role in June, 2022. Brian Rolfe was elected to succeed Ralph Castelli as the firm’s most recent CEO.  

Our firm has a legacy of longevity. Many of our employees have had very long, successful and fulfilling careers with Kemp Klein. Our office culture is a lot like family. We do business the same way. We have a personal relationship with our clients that extends for generations. When you partner with Kemp Klein, you can expect to be treated like family. You deserve nothing less.