Informative Articles

This page features some of the many informative articles and books that have been authored by Kemp Klein attorneys.


There are resources all around you that can help you find the perfect attorney for your case and situation. First, you can ask other professionals whose judgment you trust, such as your doctor or accountant, for the name of a good lawyer. Also try business people who often work with attorneys, as well as legal service organizations like your state bar association … more


Google “lawyer jokes” and you’ll get 869,000 hits. Most of them are mean, calling attorneys “sharks” or “vultures” with few scruples or regrets. In other words, they pretty much reflect our own mixed feelings about lawyers. “Lawyers definitely have a bad reputation with business owners,” says Cynthia Umphrey, a director of Troy, Mich.-based Kemp Klein, a law firm specializing in small businesses. Umphrey also chairs the Michigan Bar Association’s Small Business Forum … more Written by Alan S. Brown and reprinted with permission from “The Edge” (10-15-07) newsletter.


Civil Procedure Before Trial  Co-authored by Richard D. Bisio of Kemp Klein, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan, Wayne County Judge William J. Giovan, Keefe A. Brooks, and Larry J. Saylor. The two-volume treatise is a comprehensive reference for the civil trial preparation process published by West Group in 2003 as part of their Michigan Practice Guide series. Employment Law Answer Book*  Co-authored by Mark R. Filipp, James O. Castagnera and Thomas L. Boyer. This Seventh Edition is essential for those designing and enforcing personnel policies and procedures in today’s litigious environment. The Practical Guide to Employment Law**  Authored by Mark R. Filipp, this comprehensive desk manual for HR managers, legal counsel, and labor and employment attorneys. It covers federal employment laws in plain-English, giving readers the practical information necessary to apply the laws, as well as providing readers with essential court cases and tips for compliance in every chapter. Covenants Not to Compete**  Mark R. Filipp has also authored the Third Edition of Covenants Not to Compete, which fully explores legal principles for forming, drafting and implementing sound non-competition agreements. It clearly lays out what interests can be protested and covers the legal limits of enforceability. *Published by Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY **Published by Aspen Publishers, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10036;