In re Young Trust – A general devise, specific legacy and ademption.

In re Knoblock Estate  – Subject Matter Jurisdiction Regarding a Divorce Judgment – Interpretation v Modification/Joint Account with Survivorship-When it Became Such and What it Means/Petition v Complaint

In re Comps-Klinge Trust – Standards on Appeal – Denial Leave to Amend Pleadings – Abuse of Discretion/Definition Probable Cause in Terror Cases/Undue Influence  – Definitions/Leave to Amend

In re Jaye Trust – Termination of a Trust/How, When and Why/Removing the Trustee/Disqualification of a Judge

In re Vanpoppelen Guardianship – Ending Guardianship and Conservatorship – Burden of Proof/Priority verses Suitability

In re Ross IV Irrevocable Trust– Irrevocable Trust/Sanctions – Good Faith

In re Williams Estate – Conflict of Laws, Discretional Insurance, Baseball History

In re Londowski -Civil Commitments/Right to “effective” Counsel/Standards/Burden of Proof/Presumption

In re Eyde Trust – Change of Situs of the Trust – Subject Matter Jurisdiction,”“Trust Provision verses Trust Code and other Codes,” “Trust as a Contract – No,” “Interest of Justice – Who’s Burden” and “Qualified Trust Beneficiary – Rights,”  along with his Baseball Stats.

In re Adams Trust  – Transfer Fee from Circuit Court, “Specific Tax Clause,” “Statute of Limitations,” “Laches,” and “Strict Compliance,”  along with his Baseball Lore.

In re Clark Trust/Joint Bank Account/Use of Hearsay Evidence/Analysis of Evidence

In re Timco Estate – Jaw Jaw Jaw is Better than War War War/Out of Court Settlement of Estate/Estoppel/Statute of Limitation a) Breach of Fiduciary Duty, b) Breach of Contract/Failure to Distribute.

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Baseball Stats — September 24, 2021

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