Rolfe and Callahan Save Client Over $800,000
A new client recently came to Kemp Klein with the intention of updating their estate plan following the passing of a spouse. However, in the process of reviewing the client’s trust accounts, attorneys Brian Rolfe and Casey Callahan discovered a technical error in the retirement account beneficiary designations made by a previous financial advisor… more

Zawideh Defends Widow’s Inheritance
Petitioner, Mr. Zawideh’s client, married her late husband (“the decedent”) in November 2002, after a two-year engagement during which they lived in different states. Two days before their wedding in Michigan, her then fiancé picked up the Petitioner from the airport and told her for the first time that his aunt, the matriarch of his family, who employed decedent and controlled his finances, wanted decedent and petitioner to sign a prenuptial agreement that would leave Petitioner with nothing in the event of the decedent’s death… more

Zawideh Defends Against Plaintiff’s Claims of Undue Influence
The decedent was a widower with no children of his own. From 2007-11, using his own attorney, the decedent created his estate plan and amended it several times.… more

Sinai and Martella Win FINRA Arbitration
Two of our attorneys, Stuart Sinai and Christopher Martella, aided by administrative assistant Leslie Tanghe, were retained to resolve eight matters for an investment advisor, one involving a state regulatory matter, and seven erroneous customer complaints that had been filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”).  All the matters were resolved in our client’s favor after several years of effort.

Buttiglieri and Nahhat Win Jury Verdict in Trust Contest
Kemp Klein attorneys Joseph P. Buttiglieri and Edward Nahhat recently won a jury’s verdict affirming a contested Trust Amendment. Shortly before his death, the Decedent amended his Trust – substantially reducing the share of one of his children, who previously was to receive one-third of the Trust assets… more

Zawideh Successfully Defends Trustee Against Claims of Fraud
Twenty years ago, the Settlor, a widow, established a trust for the benefit of her daughter, “Jane Doe” (“Jane”), Jane’s two sons, and the Settlor’s son, ”John Doe” (“John”), and daughter-in-law, “Mary Roe” (“Mary”). The Trust nominated Jane as the successor trustee of the trust, except as to that portion of the Trust that was to benefit John and Mary; for John and Mary’s trust, the Settlor nominated her CPA as the successor trustee… more

Sinai and Martella Win FINRA Arbitration
Stuart Sinai and Chris Martella recently prevailed in a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration proceeding to expunge/clear our client – broker’s publicly-available so called BrokerCheck records of two clearly erroneous/false entries. Those entries had unfairly tarnished our client’s reputation as an investment advisor. Those defamatory and erroneous entries will now be expunged from the publicly-available records.

Robert Zawideh Convinces Bank to Set Aside $540,000.00 Judgment in Exchange for Pennies on the Dollar
Like so many other real estate investors, Attorney Zawideh’s client suffered substantial losses when the real estate market collapsed in 2008. The Client invested approximately $600,000 in vacant Florida real estate, and financed that property with the Plaintiff Bank … more

Robert Zawideh Obtains Award Granting his Client Her Rightful Inheritance from Her Father’s Trust 
The father of Robert Zawideh’s client died in 2015, leaving a substantial estate and trust… more

Rolfe, Gaudaen and McGiness Complete $3MM Settlement
Brian H. Rolfe, Faith Gaudaen and Kevin McGiness successfully completed a settlement in client’s favor in the amount of approximately $3 million dollars relative to breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, and copyright claims.

Zawideh Successfully Defends Son’s $2.1 Million Inheritance
Robert Zawideh’s client was the youngest child of four children, (three sons and a daughter) whose father passed away in the summer of 2013 … more

Rolfe Obtains Dismissal of Tortious Interference
Brian H. Rolfe obtained dismissal of tortious interference with business relationships claim against corporate client relative to client’s hiring of employee subject to non-competition agreement.

Zawideh and Bisio Reinstate Guardianship and Conservatorship Petitions
Attorneys Robert S. Zawideh, Alan A. May and Ronald S. Nixon were featured in Michigan Lawyers Weekly for successfully representing a widow in a trust contest:

Rolfe Obtains Verdict of No Liability
Brian H. Rolfe obtained jury verdict of no liability in favor of client relative to a breach of non-competition and non-solicitation claims.

Zawideh and Bisio Reinstate Guardianship and Conservatorship Petitions
Robert Zawideh and Richard Bisio were retained by a brother and sister whose petitions for guardianship and conservatorship over their elderly mother were denied by the probate court … more

Filipp and Nixon secure $1.3 million reversal
Attorneys Mark Filipp and Ronald Nixon secured the complete reversal of a purported $1.3 million deficiency in payroll taxes charged against a client, demonstrating to the administrative law judge after a hearing that the state agency’s actions leading to the deficiency were improper under the law.

Nixon wins dismissal 
Applying his knowledge of Michigan antidiscrimination law, attorney Ronald Nixon assisted the Nixon Peabody firm in securing the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a woman who disagreed with a client’s transgender-friendly locker room policy.

Buttiglieri and Feliksa Defeat Paper-Plate “Will” through Arbitration
Joseph P. Buttiglieri and Tracy L. Feliksa represented three brothers contesting the validity of a note written on a paper plate, which was purported to be their father’s last will and testament. The paper plate was kept in the daughter’s home and shown to her brothers only after her father’s death … more

Zawideh Enforces Subcontractor’s Claim against General Contractor
After the subcontractor retained Robert Zawideh, he immediately demanded arbitration as called for in the parties’ contract, and asserted claims of breach of contract and conversion … more

Buttiglieri Successfully Defends Three Great-Niece’s Inheritance in a Determination of Heirs
Joseph P. Buttiglieri represented three sisters in a dispute regarding the application of Michigan’s “anti-lapse statute” to their great-uncle’s will … more

Zawideh wipes out almost $100,000 in debt Robert Zawideh‘s client retained him almost two months after a court entered a default judgment against her in the amount of $98,828.78.  To make matters worse, the client went to court on her own behalf and tried – unsuccessfully – to have that judgment set aside … more

Zawideh succeeds in getting over $240,000 released to client in construction case.
Robert S. Zawideh was brought in by another law firm to jointly represent a residential real estate developer that was embroiled in a dispute with its builder over the construction of three homes … more

Zawideh and Bisio defeat efforts to sanction their clients
Robert S. Zawideh and Richard D. Bisio took over representation of two clients who were abandoned by their prior counsel literally the day before trial on petitions for guardianship and conservatorship of their elderly mother … more

Buttiglieri and Zawideh successfully defend son’s inheritance
Joseph P. Buttiglieri and Robert S. Zawideh represented the son of a man whose last trust left everything to his son, to the exclusion of his two daughters … more

Zawideh successfully defends franchisee from noncompete claim by franchisor
In its Complaint, Plaintiff, a regional pizza franchisor, alleged that the Defendants, Robert S. Zawideh’s clients, operated one of their franchise restaurants for over a year after the expiration of the franchise agreement, and thereafter, opened a new pizza business in the same location … more

May and Zawideh obtain $2.6 million settlement in probate matter
Alan A. May and Robert S. Zawideh represented the daughters of a man whose last estate plan effectively disinherited them in his alleged final Trust … more

May, Zawideh and Nahhat obtain $1.9 million settlement in probate matter
Alan A. May, Robert S. Zawideh and Edward M. Nahhat represented the son and daughter of a man who had a number of estate plans prepared for him over the years … more

Bisio wins complete vindication on appeal of a client’s rights in trust dispute
Richard D. Bisio won a complete vindication on appeal of a client’s rights in a trust dispute … more

Rolfe wins $2.2MM judgment
Brian H. Rolfe wins $2.2MM judgment in client’s favor in shareholder dispute and business litigation on claims of breach of fiduciary duties and interference with business relationships.

Zawideh gets large collection case thrown out of court
Plaintiff, a national debt collection firm that buys and collects on defaulted loans across the country, filed suit against a client of Robert S. Zawideh seeking to recover an alleged outstanding debt in excess of $105,000 plus interest and costs … more

May and Zawideh convince court to find defendant in contempt and default him for violating injunction
 Alan A. May and Robert S. Zawideh represented a Personal Representative following the death of her widowed mother who lived with her son … more

Probate attorney Alan A. May has continued to develop methods to ensure that the intent of an Estate Plan is carried out without interruption
Recently the Oakland County Probate Court entered an Order, during the lifetime of a client finding and determining that his Trust was valid and that he was competent and not subject to undue influence … more

Morrow successful in securing complete dismissal of lawsuit
Raymond L. Morrow was successful in securing a complete dismissal of a lawsuit brought in Oakland County Circuit Court against a client, who had previously been president of the company that sued him, after the client resigned and went into competition with his former employer … more

Richard D. Bisio wins tax case on appeal
The Michigan Tax Tribunal, Michigan’s tax court, is overwhelmed with thousands of cases and has a two to three-year backlog … more

Brian H. Rolfe wins dismissal
Obtained dismissal of $840,000.00 breach of contract claim related to a Supply Agreement.