Non-Profits and Tax Exempt Organizations

Kemp Klein counsels non-profits and tax exempt organizations.

Kemp Klein counsels non-profits and tax exempt organizations in the following areas:

  • General counsel for all types of non-profit organizations;
  • Organization of foundations, charities and other non-profit corporations;
  • Customization of entity structure to fit the goals of the organizers;
  • Obtaining tax-exempt status for non-profits;
  • Advice and guidance on legal and regulatory requirements and restrictions on the operation of tax-exempt organizations, including private foundations and public charities;
  • Counseling volunteer directors and officers of non-profits with regard to duties, risks and potential liability;
  • Obtaining licenses to solicit charitable contributions from the Michigan Attorney General; and
  • Obtaining exemptions from property taxes, including tax tribunal proceedings.

C.Leslie Banas is Kemp Klein’s expert attorney in this practice area.