Kemp Klein

The Rebirth of a Business

Business owners are experiencing more rapid change and more complicated challenges than ever. As companies work to grow their businesses and expand their markets, it becomes necessary to consider acquisitions, recapitalization or merger.

After decades of working with clients in this arena, we see an increasing need to dedicate tools and resources specifically to companies on the brink of growth or significant change.

With a new international alliance, business affiliations and a pipeline of professional contacts at your disposal, our newly formed “Emerging Entities” Practice Group is designed to serve companies planning or considering: acquisition, merger, recapitalization, infusion of funds, buy-outs or major changes to the product market.

Business “To Do” List:

· Have you checked your corporate minute book lately? Are your minutes up to date? Are you sure you know what the corporate bylaws say?

· Do you have a stock ledger with a complete history of stock transfers and sales? This could be helpful if any transaction is ever called into question.

· What about the choice of entity for your business, have you checked out whether you should elect to be treated as an “S” Corporation?

· Did you know that you can limit your liability by complying with all the corporate formalities?

With experience in all aspects of corporate law, our pool of hands-on business lawyers can immediately address issues faced by any emerging entity, such as: stock or asset purchase agreements, buy/sell agreements, partnership or limited liability operating agreements, contract negotiation, real estate transactions, incorporation or other business formation, non-competition agreements, tax structure and planning.

Our firm has been helping clients seize new opportunities for over 50 years. This new service area is one of the many ways we plan to continue our dedication to your success.

For further information regarding these matters, please contact Ms. Brazzil at 248 740 5667 or via email.