Zawideh Wipes Out Almost $100,000 In Debt
Robert Zawideh‘s client retained him almost two months after a court entered a default judgment against her in the amount of $98,828.78.  To make matters worse, the client went to court on her own behalf and tried – unsuccessfully – to have that judgment set aside.  After reviewing the file, Mr. Zawideh found evidence that the Plaintiff only ever attempted to serve the client at her former residence, which tended to support her claims that she never received service of the Summons and Complaint.  Based on his conclusions, Mr. Zawideh notified Plaintiff’s counsel that not only would he file suit to set aside the default judgment, but he would also sue Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s attorney for violating the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Rather than litigate, Plaintiff agreed to accept $5,000.00 in full settlement of it’s claims, a reduction of almost $94,000.00.

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