Appealing Taxes on Newly Acquired Property
By Jeremy R. Cnudde [Winter 2017]
Assessments cannot follow sales.  If you have ever attempted to appeal or renegotiate your property tax assessment following a recent purchase of real estate, you most likely have heard this phrase.  It is a favorite, yet often misunderstood, retort of local property tax assessors.  What does this really mean?
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Select the Right Team to Maximize your Tax Savings
By Jeremy R. Cnudde [Alert 2016]
Values have begun to rise, particularly for high quality larger industrial facilities. Property taxes remain a major concern for owners or tenants of real property in Michigan.
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Let us help reduce your taxes and increase your bottom line
By Jeremy R. Cnudde    [Winter 2013]
Property tax bills got you down? Get a free review of your business’ property tax assessment.
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