Exit Planning

You have carefully built your business, probably your most valuable asset. Within the next ten years you want to reduce the time you spend in the office, begin something new or retire.

Regardless of who you have in mind to take over — your children, key employees or an outside buyer — for a successful transition, you’ll need an exit plan.

Kemp Klein attorneys have spent decades helping closely held businesses, including family businesses, plan for transitions like this. We use a process that starts by focusing on your goals, both for yourself and your business.

It is important to remember that developing an exit plan and implementing it takes time. You can’t plan your farewell party and then turn to your exit plan.

You’ll need to take time to groom your business. Just like polishing your car right before advertising it for sale or painting the ceilings before putting your house on the market, your business will need attention if you want to increase the number of potential buyers willing to pay a good price.

You will also need to explore exit options and select the option that is best suited to your particular personal needs and business situation.

A Kemp Klein exit plan strategist can help you resolve ownership transfer matters, financial situations, corporate management issues and tax questions. We understand that a good exit plan must be comprehensive and tailored to the particular situation and the goals of the owner.

Kemp Klein attorneys in this practice area include:

Cynthia E. Brazzil
Ralph A. Castelli, Jr.
Cynthia L. Umphrey
Michael D. Umphrey