Kemp Klein


Generations of Prosperity

Our Focus

With a unique understanding of the particular intricacies of family businesses, Kemp Klein brings a full range of business planning services.

It is estimated that up to 90 percent of companies in North America are family-owned. Of these, only 30 percent make a successful transition from one generation to the next. This speaks volumes about the challenges that family-owned businesses face.

Why Choose Kemp Klein?

Kemp Klein has a deep history of working with family-owned businesses. Our team recognizes that businesses are an integral part of American culture and that every business will have its own unique set of circumstances and challenges. Kemp Klein attorneys have worked with generations of family entrepreneurs to ensure success. 

Our Approach

Kemp Klein attorneys help resolve problems that may arise when combining family and business. They recognize that family issues can sometimes interfere with business strategy. They understand when the dream of the owner conflicts with the dreams of the next generation. They also grasp the subtle, but powerful, influence of family values, history and tradition.

Our Team