Qualified retirement plans, welfare benefit plans, ERISA and HIPAA compliance are all matters handled by our employee benefits group.

Kemp Klein attorneys can design, amend and/or terminate your defined benefit and defined contribution plans. We can obtain IRS determination letters and DOL opinion letters, as well as draft summary plan descriptions, welfare benefit notices and employee benefit handbooks.

Clients include third party administrators, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities. Our attorneys can perform an ERISA due diligence review in corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. We can advise on the priority of employee benefit claims in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. We will resolve benefits litigation brought by plan participants and will consult with clients on litigation exposure and strategy.

Recently, we successfully concluded a DOL pension welfare benefits administration audit of a governmental sponsored health plan with over 30,000 participants.

For more information on these matters, please contact:

Earle E. Endelman at 248.528.1111, x631 or via email.