Kemp Klein



Our Focus

When a family member appoints a client as a fiduciary, we are prepared to assist with all of the professional talents needed. The administration of an estate or trust is often times consuming and can present complicated legal and tax issues. Kemp Klein lawyers have the education and expertise to guide clients through the successful administration of estates and trusts.

Why Choose Kemp Klein?

Legal costs are managed by the use of our well-trained and experienced legal assistants (always supervised by an attorney) to assist the client with valuation issues, contact and information for beneficiaries and preparing all required inventories, accounts, tax returns and legally required court or agency filings.

Our Approach 

If guardianship or conservatorship become necessary, our attorneys are available to prepare the necessary documents and appear in court to obtain the appointment of needed fiduciaries and to assist in the management of those estates in compliance with all applicable laws.

Our Team