Whether you are planning for your own “golden years” or caring for an aging relative, it might be difficult to find the right resources. Our elder law attorneys can help you sort through Medicaid, Medicare, retirement income planning, long-term and nursing home care, revocable living trusts, probate and estates.

We talk to our clients about their lives, personal preferences and goals. We discuss everything from health care and financial decisions to end of life choices. These aren’t always easy topics to cover, but they are critical in creating a functional plan for your future.

By providing for certain eventualities and putting your wishes in writing, our clients and their families avoid the added emotional pain and financial worries that accompany insufficient planning. With such a large portion of our population nearing retirement, elder law is growing rapidly and legislation is constantly changing. So, if you have needs in this arena, it is helpful to consult an attorney with specific training and focus on elder law.

The Kemp Klein attorneys in this practice area include:

Cynthia E. Brazzil
Joseph P. Buttiglieri
Brian R. Jenney
Alan A. May
Austin W. Probst
Thomas V. Trainer