Kemp Klein is a full-service commercial law firm dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of legal services with the highest professional standards of excellence, integrity and efficiency. The firm’s diversity of skills and experience offers a blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit which enables it to successfully represent its clients. By combining various departments of specialty, the firm is able to provide a broad range of resources, services and analyses to represent clients in all walks of life, including business professionals, investors, governmental entities, corporations and other businesses.

Kemp Klein is a member of LEGUS, an international network of outstanding law firms located around the world.  LEGUS was founded in 1995 as a Michigan not-for-profit organization to assist law firms in better serving their clients as the need for worldwide expertise expanded. When client’s needs go beyond their borders, a LEGUS member can contact almost 2500 trusted lawyers to help meet those needs.  LEGUS reflects a vibrant worldwide range of work and facilitates client referrals between member firms ensuring “local knowledge” for client matter referrals so as to provide the best legal service possible.  Legus fosters close relationships between its members through referrals, the legal and educational programming held at LEGUS meetings, and an exchange of information focusing on member law firm issues.