Trademarks: The Importance of Registration 
By Ronald S. Nixon [Spring 2019]
Everyone has an idea of what a trademark is: a symbol, word, name, or design used to differentiate one seller’s goods or services from those of another…
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How to avoid big trouble with a little search
By Thomas J. O’Connor    [Winter 2013]
Many business people think that if they chose a new company name and the state accepts it for filing (in Articles of Incorporation or Article of Organization), then they own rights to that name. This is a dangerous misconception.
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Can we copyright this?
By Thomas J. O’Connor    [Summer 2013]
That is a common question, but it is often the wrong question. If something is “copyrightable” it is already copyrighted. But doesn’t one have to put a copyright notice on it or file something? There may be reasons to do either or both of those things, but you do not have to do them in order to have a protectable copyright.
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