31st Aug 2016

Kemp Klein attorneys William B. Acker, Joseph P. Buttiglieri, Mark R. Filipp and Alan A. May have been selected by a vote of their peers to be included in DBusiness magazine’s list of 2017 Top Lawyers to appear in the November/December … more

22nd Aug 2016

Kemp Klein Law Firm celebrates William B. Acker, Joseph P. Buttiglieri, Ralph A. Castelli Jr., Brian R. Jenney, Alan A. May, and Patricia M. Paruch, as well as Of Counsel attorney Robert Z. Feldstein, President of Robert Z. Feldstein, P.C., for being selected by their peers … more

9th Aug 2016

Thomas V. Trainer will speak on Medicaid Un-program: Fast-paced, Interactive Discussion on Hot Topics for Elder Attorneys, Advocates, and Ombudsmen for the State Bar of Michigan’s Fall Elder Law & Disability Rights 2016 Fall Conference. The conference will be held … more