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In Re Jarman v Jarman



Kemp Klein Crafts No-Sew Blankets for Common Ground

For the fifth straight year, the attorneys and staff of Kemp Klein collaborated and crafted hand-tied fleece blankets for Common Ground’s clients. Common Ground distributes these blankets as comfort items for children, victims of trauma, homeless, and other families and individuals in need of assistance. We thank the Columbia Center for donating the space for our blanket making event free of charge. 

The Kemp Klein Foundation is a proud Legacy Society Benefactor for Common Ground. Kemp Klein has provided more than $200,000 in pro bono work to Common Ground. In addition to the pro bono work and financial contributions, we have hosted joint events for staff and clients of Common Ground, participated in Common Ground’s Adopt-A-Family initiative and we have held blanket making and other events to help those in need. Since its inception, the Kemp Klein Foundation has contributed over $1,000,000 to hundreds of worthwhile causes.



Michigan’s New Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Effective July 1, 2024



The Role of Technology

Clients often ask about our firm’s perspective on technology and its role in our operations. I firmly believe that technology plays a crucial role in optimizing performance. We utilize it to enhance efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. Equipping our staff with the right technological tools ensures consistent high-quality work.

Most importantly, the appropriate use of technology strengthens client relationships. Kemp Klein places great value on the personal connections we have with clients. Technology can provide in this regard significant support but is never a replacement for personal interaction.